No Apologies For Looking GLAM-GLAM!

So I stand guilty of almost always “standing-out” with regards to how I dress and present myself…in a good way though! I’m the kind of person who when i walk in my neighborhood or at work attract a comment from least one person on how either my shoes are on-point, or my beautiful hairdo or something (well, then there’s some people that just give that look and yet the “green bile” forces them to with-hold a compliment where its due…lol…allow me a vain moment!!)

There was a time when I didn’t want to stand out, I just wanted to merge with the rest and disappear into the multitudes of women busy wearing the same old clothes and same old shoes…and then came my “Aha” moment,,,,I was born to stand out,,,and so are you!Its very fine to look fabulous always, no apologies for that.This is not meant to imply that we won’t get it wrong at times, but as long as we have the breath, the resources, everyday we shall wake up and put on our best heels…and the must-have accessories of all times, a SMILE and an air of CONFIDENCE!

Besides, you never know when you will meet your future husband, next boss or even that girl from college that always took every opportunity to make you feel worthless!So here’s to looking fabulous at all times!!!




3 thoughts on “No Apologies For Looking GLAM-GLAM!

  1. I totally feel you. Just this morning i actually went back to change outfits cz i was getting the wrong attention and I was not going to have it all day. Your looks do matter


  2. I do agree with madameboss7, although I do have the priviledge of seeing in person 🙂 I think it’s time to finally step out of my shell and join the glam-parade! Now, where to buy a good pair of shoes..?


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