Kicking Off The Winter Blues!!!

2013-06-05 07.17.19

zebra-print scarf 😉

SO winter has totally landed in Africa,,,southern Africa, Zimbabwe more specifically, and it has no mercy!!!And I’m thinking to myself, how to maintain our style edge without risking frost-bites and all other diseases….not too easy I know, but it can be done! The point is, winter is characterised by gloomy and windy weather, but we dont have to look “windy and gloomy” too;). So below are a few tips on how to ward off the chills and still look fabs;

  • winter boots;(these could be thigh-high, knee-high, wellingtons or even cowboy boots)…there is such a wide variety, the point is to choose what suits you best!


    orange scarf

  • chic scarfs/ scarves.…I love scarfs and wish I could wear them all-year through without getting some weird stares!so, thank God for the perfect excuse to put on lovely scarfs..winter! They can be worn differently for that chic look, and I personally use mine as head-gear sometimes!yeah, right!(see bottom pic) Not sure if its total fashion YES, but I do know that it keeps the ears warm!lol!
  • thick wooly pulling socks; these will also kick off the winter blues. Black ones work with almost anything…I prefer to have mine with closed shoes, but hey, you can make your  own rules and be the one to set a new trend!


Will keep this one short and sweet, but please do share your winter-must-haves with me!




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