TO Braid Or NOT To Braid…

If I were to describe my personal preferred  style, the phrase “afro-ethnic” would definitely appear on the loong list! There is just something real and effortless about our African look. This could be in the form of interesting earrings (see pic), neck-beads, the popular java print or even the hairdo!

So, I love getting my hair braided, it makes me feel and embrace my afro-ethnicity more than anything else!The argument on whether to braid or not to braid is very common. The obvious downside to getting braided is the long period taken to get that pang! look. But I say, with patience, a good book , magazine and company, time will run so fast! Then the maintenance and upkeep of braids without damaging the hairline is something to be considered and carefully planned. Without focusing too much on the cons of getting braided, I will make my stand known,,,,,,I love braids! I have tried different types and still raring to go!(its a shame only got a few pics 😦   . Apart from the near natural look, braids are easy to maintain, and give me plenty of styling options. Check out some of my braidy-moments and hopefully be inspired to join the wagon!





me, my girl Teej n my mo-hawk-styled braidies!!!!

me, my girl Teej n my mo-hawk-styled braidies!!!!

PS; I appreciate other hairdos and weaves etc, but I’m happiest in braids!;)





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