Sunday Best

Last Sunday, me and my niece decided to go green as we prepared for church! Must admit, I am not too keen on joining the train of the latest trends too soon, maybe Im a laggard! But I like to analyse trends and see how I can make it my own. When colour blocking hit the Zim streets, the girls went crazzzzy mixing all crazy colours. In my opinion, this trend was misunderstood and abused. Yes, colour blocking probably means mixing colours that are not conventional, but still, there has to be a bit of order in that disorder!LOL! So here are my tips on this trend;

  • there are some commonly compatible bright colours (like green and yellow/gold, or even blue and red etc), try to maintain that balance
  • You dont necessarily need to colour-block your clothes, other trendy ways of colour blocking include mixing a bright coloured dress with some bright heels, or even the accessories. This works especially for the conservative shy-girls, this way you are not all over the place
  • Stick to your colours still, for each beautiful lady, there are colours that best fit your complexion and body structure….stick to those still, even in the midst of the colour-blocking mayhem

So here’s me, the trend laggard, rocking my “little-green-dress” and yellow jacket( I love the fact that this shade of yellow is kinda pale, less drama!!)






3 thoughts on “Sunday Best

  1. True true and true, i love that kind of colour blocking…subtle and sexy! Totally love that shade of green too, not one you’d bump into every other day.


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