In Her Shoes…….(kitten heels)

In the “shoectionary”, a “kitten heel” is a short slender heel, usually about 3,5-5cm heel size. These were made popular by the mega style icon, Audrey Hepburn!!! These beauties were a hit in the early 60s as they evolved from being “trainer heels” for teenagers to a wardrobe staple for older women! While I appreciate the sexiness exuded by stilettos, there is something elegant about kitten heels, which does not go unnoticed. Present day, First Lady Michelle Obama, is a huge fan of kitten heels, and has them in multiple shapes and colours!(see images below)

I personally see it this way, a woman that dares to wear kitten heels, is a woman that is confident and sure of herself (needing no super high heels to boost her !*chuckles*). This is not to say those who wear stilettos are not confident, NO, in fact, I am a huge fan of stilettos myself, only that sometimes, like today, I just feel like kitten heels đŸ˜‰

So, which one for you, kitten heels or stilettos?



Yours Truly


blue-bowed beauties


my blue-bowed babies




4 thoughts on “In Her Shoes…….(kitten heels)

  1. Well said!!!!I am still to try out kitten heels. Michelle being much taller than her hubby cannot wear anything high. It would be really awkward to have her towering above him. Maybe i might just get myself a pair soon.


  2. Very true about Michelle! Which goes back to the issue of knowing how to dress your body type (& height in this case), complexion and function.You should definitely try out kitten heels, maybe during weekends for a relaxed and yet not-too-relaxed look!Thanks for the support!


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