Own It Like Zane!!!


with a killer belt!!!

with a killer belt!!!





Now, no one rocks the “pencil skirt” better than Rachel Zane, the character played by Meghan Markle in one of my absolute favourite series, “Suits”!!!Rachel is a paralegal in a very successful law firm, Pearson Hardman. So, when I started on this series, I didn’t expect much fashion-wise, being a legal-series etc, I was expecting the usual black suits and boring dark and sad colours,,,but heaven knows I was gasping each time, particularly at Megan’s impeccable sense of style! Without setting your expectations too high, please note that Rachel’s style is not over-the-top, elegant, simple and definitely cant be ignored!If you are a young female going up the ladder(even if you are still at the bottom, hey!), me and you can learn a lot from Ms Zane!

She especially knows how to own the pencil skirt-look,,,that being my subject of discussion today.So, “pencil skirt”, as the name suggest is pretty much that straight, fitting and simple skirt,usually formal. Thanks to Zane, this look doesn’t have to be dreary and boring.
Pencil skirts can be;
*paired with feminine soft coloured ruffled blouses (“serve” tucked in for the best results!!!!lol)
*detailed to add a bit more fun!(now is the time to play with that button detail, a bow and even peplum detail!!)
*worn with a formal crisp shirt,,,tucked in too(see images).

The secret is to have the perfect fit for your pencil-look,strike the balance between too-tight-and-absolutely-inappropriate and too-loose-and-clumsy!I personally prefer to have my pencil skirts in the dark colours, brown, black and grey,,,that way I can play around with the blouse as far as colours are concerned!

PS; This look is appropriate for nearly everyone,,from the slim ladies to the bootylicious Kim-Kardashianshianites as its obvious that she looks amaze in that blue bodycon pencil skirt! So go ahead, try it on and give us feedback and post images too,,,will be sure to do the same.