I am a simple girl, with an eye for style and fashion! I love to write and share my thoughts and views with other fashionistas out there! Combine my first two statements and you will ultimately know the result, a fashion and style blogger! So, this blog will document my style journey up to the point where I have discovered what I like to wear, what works for my body shape and complexion etc! It is absolutely amazing to finally find out what works for you and your body because each day is another chance to express myself through my clothes n accessories!

PS; Being a simple girl, who likes “all things fashion-fine”, such a paradox I know, story of my life, LOL!, I like to watch the runway trends from a distance, and find ways on how to make them wearable in my own environment – truth be told, some of the items on the runway cannot be worn “as-they-are” on a normal day at work or at a picnic in the park! So lets say, I will translate runway into realife!



tit bits” – a tasty small-piece of food

               – “a pleasing scrap of anything” (style news in this case***wink wink)

              – “dainty”

This is the place to be in order for you to get the style quick fix that could set you apart from the rest! Expect all things fashion-fine, stylish and trendy and timeless tips……and remember, people need to get past the cover page in order to get to the pages in the middle with the good juicy part,,,,so yeah, a book IS judged by its cover! Help me help you glam up your cover 😉





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